"Over this coming year I intend to post plot clues to book 9. So keep a ninja eye out for them and keep up the good fight. A book 9 is sure to happen. Yours in samurai honor." - Chris Bradford

Young Samurai : Return of The Warrior is the tentative name for the 9th and likely series finale for the Young Samurai series. It will possibly be based on Jack's return journey to England.

Chris Bradford has mentioned that he could publish the ninth book in the series if enough support is garnered for him to persuade the publishers to do so. One way of showing your support is going here and liking the page. The title of the book has yet to be confirmed, although during a contest held for a Book 9 title, one of the contestants' entries was what Chris had in mind, although he did not divulge his/her identity

Date Hint Type Description
15 Jan 2014 Facts Chris Bradford confrims Book 9 hints will be dropped throughout the yearand that it will happen
1st Feb 2014

Possible Title

Chris drops proposed title of Book 9 - Return of The Warrior.
6 March 2014 Possible Synopsis A stranger in his own land... Jack Fletcher has strived against all odds to become a samurai warrior. He has overcome his fears to learn the art of the ninja. He has fought his way across Japan to reach Nagasaki. He has battles the high seas to sail around the world. All with one purpose at heart: to return home and be reunited with his sister Jess, his only remaining family. But when he sets foot on English soil, he feels further from home than ever before...[2]
28 March 2014 Possible Synopsis

England is on the slippery slope to Civil War... In the towns, there’s panicked speculation of the plague. In the countryside, there’s the harsh reality of famine. Kidnap, blackmail, persecution, wrongful imprisonment and highway robbery are all part of everyday life for the English people.

Jack no longer recognises his crumbling country; or perhaps it doesn’t recognise him? Dressed in exotic silk robes, armed with lethal weapons, and acting above his station, he attracts a great deal of interest… much of it unwelcome.

But these problems are merely inconveniences compared to his greatest tragedy – his sister is missing. Her absence unexplained. No one knows if she has died, been killed or run away. The local people act very afraid and Jack is determined to discover the truth...[3]

23 April



Jack isn’t alone in his quest to find his missing sister. Akiko, his closest friend, and Yori, the faithful warrior monk, have accompanied him to England as emissaries of Japan to experience its greatness and see its famed capital of London. Yet even with their Japanese manners and reserve, they find it hard to conceal their disappointment, disgust and shock at the state of the country and its culture. Nonetheless, their best friend is in trouble and – forever bound to one another – they will do everything in their power to help him find his missing sister.
But the hunters are also the hunted. Rumours are spreading of strange ‘Shadow Warriors’ roaming the land…

5 January 2015 Facts Jack, Akiko and Yori will face greater challenges and more devious villains than any they have encountered before. This final book will draw blood...
16 June 2016 Confirmation Chris Bradford officially confirms signing of a contract for Book 9 in the series.

Other Plot Hints

  • The proposed title for the book is Young Samurai : Return of the Warrior, and heralds the return of the Young Samurai series since 2012.
  • The book will cover Jack's return to England.
  • The events in the book will mirror that of Book 1, Way of The Warrior.
  • More characters will return, not just Jack, Akiko and Yori.
  • Kagemusha (shadow warriors)  will be involved during Jack's return journey, following him.
  • The fate of Jack's sister, Jess Fletcher, will be revealed.
  • Jack will be facing a new weapon in this book - the European Long Sword. The clash of East vs West will be played out on the duelling field and his skills, impressive as they are, will be tested to their limit.


1. The source of this hint can be found here

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