[SPOILER ALERT] Finally! I've read the Ring of Wind! I managed to get it out the library yesterday, we had to go straight to this party afterwards though which proved to be good as I spent the whole evening with my head buried in a book! So after an hour or so I'd finished it! (You may notice that I'm not a party-person)

Anyways, I enjoyed the book though I though some of the scenes were a tad gruesome in parts but it was cool the way Jack dealt with the pirates and pretty much won (well some of them) over. The part where Dragon Eye appeared threw me and for a moment I thought that Yamato might have survived.....but he didn't....D': I loved Li Ling (she rocks!) though it would've been called if she'd joing up wiht the JF gang (that's Jack Fletcher gang ;-) )

So, on the whole a good book and I can't wait for the next one (pleeeeassseeee have Akiko in it!!!)

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