An angsty fanfic that takes place near the end of the Way of the Dragon. A poem style fanfic which takes place first person. I think you can guess who it is.

~Final Farewell~

I clung on to the rope,

I hung there,

I felt it biting into my hands,

Vicious and unrelenting.

And I felt another set of hands clinging onto me.

Fingers digging into my skin,

Like daggers.

I looked up.

Jack stood above me.

Blue eyes wide.

Face pale.


The clawing hands of Dokugan Ryu moved further up,

He was coming.

‘Help,’ I whispered.

But Akiko?

My arms burned.

I couldn’t hold on much longer.

Then I knew.

I knew what I had to do.

I knew what being a Masamoto now meant.

For the last time I looked up at Jack,

Saying my last words,

My farewell.

Briefly I remembered how I used to hate him,


He is my brother.

One last glance,

The stars shone in the air,

Distant and cold,

Jack framed against them,

Golden hair tousled.

One last breath of air,

Cold and sharp,

In the night.

On the wind,

The smell of gunpowder,

And Death.

The rope is digging into my hands,

Dragon Eye scrambling further up me,

Soon he will be at the roof.

Closing my eyes.

I let go.

A fall,

Wind rushing past me,

The ground coming to meet me,

Then… All faded to black.

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