• Dragon378

    Finally Read Ring of Sky

    December 5, 2012 by Dragon378

    So, as it says, finally got round to getting Ring of Sky. I will admit, I read halfway through, read the ending and then went back and finished reading. Sorry, can't help it. I do that for almost every single book I read.

    Anyways, it was great. Benkei was an awesome character, 'nanban' is now one of my most liked words...

    Sad that Miyuki died, I mean I didn't like her but not that much. But, it was made up for by the fact Akiko leaves with Jack for England, and Yori tags along. That should be good, Yori bringing his sayings to England. 

    I'm still confused on the Jack+Akiko thing. I mean Chris writes 'how can words express what they feel', etc. Does that mean they love each other and I'm too retarded to get the implication? I think it means th…

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  • Dragon378

    Ring of Fire and Wind

    June 14, 2012 by Dragon378

    Finally read these books. Took the library long enough to get them... But reading the preview of Ring of Sky, I have to wonder: how does Jack manage to keep getting knocked out and losing his friends? First Ring of Water and now Ring of Sky? Jokes aside, really looking forward to the book coming out in August (though I probably won't be able to read it till december likely).

    About the books themselves, brilliantly done once again Chris. The simplicity of his style with action, adventure and some humour with a bit of romance (or fluff or whatever...). I wish the books were longer but what can you do.

    About Jack and Miyuki (sorry, need to touch on this subject) in Fire he says he can't like her in the way she likes him but then in Wind he 'rea…

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