Takuan is son of Sensei Nakamura, the teacher of Haiku.

Jack becomes jealous of him due to the fact he seems to be smitten with Akiko and vice versa. Near the end of The Way of the Dragon, Takuan realizes this after reading Jack's haiku to Akiko and apologizes to Jack; a few moments later he dies. Jack doesn't realize why until he spots the poisoned dart in Takuan's back which killed the young samurai.

Dragon Eye later tells Jack that he killed him without meaning to; he was aiming for Jack but Takuan got in the way.

Takuan is later cremated in the Japanese tradition. Emi is grief-striken, the two having formed a close bond; Nakamura is also devastated having already lost her husband in a previous war.


A good looking boy with dark hair tied up into a topknot. A year older than Jack.

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