Sensei Kano was a blind samurai and the bojutsu instructor visiting from Mugan Ryu, a sister school of Niten Ichi Ryū in Osaka Castle.


The Way of the Sword

He helps teach bojutsu at the Niten Ichi Ryu.

The Way of the Dragon

He helps the young samurai escape.

The Ring of Sky

While Sensei Kano does not appear, it is revealed that some time after the events of The Ring of Water, Kazuki was brought to him for healing. After Sensei Kano had helped him, Kazuki turned his back on his former teacher by arresting him on the orders of the Shogun. What ultimately happened to him is not explained.


Sensei Kano is described as being a tall and bear like man, with a kind heart but still a fearsome opponenet.

Being blind makes people underestimate him or presume he is harmless; this could not be further from the truth. He fights using a wooden staff called a Bo; Yamato being his star pupil. Sensei Kano also likes Jack.

Sensei Kano is described as being blind, however what he lacks in eyesight, he more than makes up for with his other senses. His seemingly supernatural hearing, his exceptional sense of smell and his brilliant sense of touch make him practically omniscient to what's going on around him.


Sensei Kano is an expert martial artist, excelling in bojutsu. Due to his blindness he depends on his other senses, primarily his hearing. This enables him to be able act like a person who can see at times.

His fighting skills come into their own in book two when he fights Dragon Eye. After Jack is paralyzed by Dim Mak (Death Touch) he heals him using a pressure point technique which was taught by him to a chinese warrior who also taught him the black art of Dim Mak.

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