Shimazu Saburo
is a friend of Jack who loves eating and spouts large amounts of information. He is a student at the Niten Ichi Ryu, the third son of Shimazu Hideo, and the younger brother of Shimazu Taro.

The Way of the Warrior

Jack first meets Saburo at the dining table in a hall in Niten Ichi Ryu. Saburo later gets him and Yamato into a bit of trouble with Sensei Kyuzo after expressing disbelief at some of the teacher's claims. Kyuzo then demonstrates his prowness by asking Saburo, Yamato and Jack to attack him, all three end up on the floor in a matter of moments.

He later takes part in the fighting competion between the Niten Ichi Ryu and the Yagyu Ryu.  

The Way of the Sword

The Way of the Dragon

Saburo enter the kukai contest. Then he takes arrow for Jack when Moriko tries to shoot Jack at the burning of Taka-no-ma and he has to stay behind when everyone is leaving for Osaka Castle due to his injuries with Kiku looking after him.

The Ring of Fire

He appears in the ring of fire in the market near Tamagashi Village. Meanwhile Jack is looking for loyal and trustworthy samurai who would protect the town from Akuma. They defeat Akuma and head off to the port of Nagasaki.

In this book it is hinted he may have some romantic feelings for Kiku as he was partly going out on his trip as a way to impress Kiku's family.

The Ring of Wind

During this book it is noted that Saburo gets very seasick and he grows to hate boats.

The Ring of Sky

Jack believes Saburo to have drowned along with Yori and Miyuki after a storm strikes their boat leaving Jack stranded alone on a beach.

He declines Jack's offer to go with him to England due to his feelings for Kiku which Jack understands.


He is described as being on the large side with prominent eyebrows that look like large black hairy caterpillars. Also, he is known for his huge appetite, which probably resulted in his round belly.


  • Kiku - In the Ring of Fire and the Way of the Dragon it is hinted a romance may be forming between him and Kiku, another samurai student who was at Niten Ichi Ryu. He declines Jack's offer to go to England because of Kiku.
  • Taro - He is also the little brother of Taro who has perished in the Battle of Osaka Castle. Saburo was always a little tense around his brother as he didn't like having to live up to his brother's name, his brother being an excellent Samurai student.

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