A pair of nunchaku used in practice

Nunchaku, commonly known as nunchuks (often misspelled "nunchucks"), is a weapon that consists of two sticks (either wood or metal) connected by a rope at one end. Nunchaku originated in Okinawa as a farming tool, but later became a weapon and made its way to Japan. They were used by the Ninja, but today are used in several martial arts. Their use is not limited to martial arts that focus on weapons, as styles that focus on unarmed combat use them as well.

Using Nunchaku

  • Always hold the nunchaku near the rope. This will give you better control over it.
  • Keep a positive attitude! If you accidentally hit yourself while spinning it, say "Good one" and move on.
  • Bounce the rope off yourself—when you do a technique such as a triangle strike, you're not hitting yourself with the nunchaku; you're bouncing them off yourself. Keep that in mind. The metal/wood hurts. The rope does not.