Oda Kazuki


Way of the Warrior


16 (as of 1615)



Physical Appearance

Shaved head, good looks, but brooding constantly

Personal Information


Oda Satoshi (Father)


Prisoner (Current), Ometsuke of the Shogun (former)


Niten Ichi Ryū (former)
Yagyu Ryū
Oda family

Oda Kazuki is a former samurai and son of Oda Satoshi. Kazuki is an antagonist in the series.

In the series

Kazuki has a very obvious hatred for foreigners, caused by his assumption of a foreign priest having poisoned his mother. He and Jack never got along in school and with his Scorpion gang, he often bullied and mocked Jack. Having disguised his inner cruel nature and his longing for vengeance, he became an exceptionally talented student at the samurai school and even became Sensei Kyuzo's favorite and protégée.

His true self was unveiled when he betrayed his school and broke the codes of bushido. When Jack and Akiko were about to escape from the battlefield, Kazuki caught up and attacked the pair. He violently injured Akiko, provoking Jack into duelling him. An intense sword fight erupted between the two, which Kazuki quickly won. However Jack used the "Mountain and Sea" technique throwing the knife. Akiko released her arrow and crippled Kazuki's hand. Kazuki swore revenge and was left there alone.

Kazuki would spend the coming months relentlessly hunting for Jack (and Akiko later). He would meet him again at the Sound of Feathers Waterfall when Jack challenged Matagoro Araki to a duel to take back his Shizu swords, and once again at a bridge, where the two rivals battled in torrential rainfall. After an intense conversation, a climactic duel erupted between the two, but this time they both seemed equally matched. Jack eventually won due to his ninja training, but when Kazuki was on the brink of drowning, Jack saved him. Moments after being saved, Kazuki attacked again, but Ronin appeared and briefly grappled with the boy. Kazuki suffered injuries in the fight and collapsed before he could stab Hana. Afterwards, he was taken to Sensei Kano for healing, and once he was healed, Kazuki betrayed his former sensei and turned him in to the Shogun.

They would meet again when Jack was closing in on Nagasaki, with Jack escaping Kazuki after a duel on top of a cliff. In the final rush to the port, Kazuki was able to lay a trap for Jack and his friends with hired Ronin, resulting in the death of Miyuki. Afterwards, Jack and Kazuki had one final duel near an abandoned tea house, with Jack emerging victorious with his newly accquired reverse blade skills. Ashamed of his defeat, Kazuki attempted seppuku but was stopped by Jack.

Later, during the execution, Kazuki is outraged upon learning that Jack, Akiko, Benkei, Yori, and Saburo would be pardoned for their supposed "crimes." He snatches the pyre from the executioner and throws it onto the wood pile, causing it to burn. But then it started to rain, causing Kazuki to howi with fury. He attempted to run Jack through with his sword in one last attempt, but was stopped by the messenger, revealed to be Masamoto Takeshi in disguise. Masamoto strips him of his samurai status and swords and throws him into prison as a traitor.


He distantly related to the emperor, thus giving him a sense of superiority and arrogance and his name means "the shining one." Kazuki can be seen as an arrogant and spiteful person, especially in the presence of Jack Fletcher, a foreigner whom he detests. He is devious and cunning, able to set traps efficiently and know when his enemies are arriving. He also has little honor within him, betraying his former sensei and comrades without hesitation when the occasion arises. Kazuki is extremely hateful and vindictive, possessing an intense hatred of all foreigners just because one of them accidentally killed his mother. He was also exceptionally sadistic, taunting and harassing Jack Fletcher throughout the books and threatening anyone who appeared close to him. His most prominent asset is his intelligence—Kazuki is meticulous, cunning and brilliant in spite of himself, shown to be able to set up several elaborate strategies and logical arguments, and being a dangerous enemy for Jack because of his formidable determination and cleverness. He considers himself an honourable Samurai, even though he genuinely disregards honour in favour of his personal problems and savage pleasures—this is what majorly sets him apart from Jack, since Jack is an honourable, honest and selfless person, whereas Kazuki is cruel, sociopathic, deceitful and most importantly is completely incapable of letting bygones be bygones.


Kazuki is described as a handsome young man with a shaved head, eyes which are dark and hooded and high cheekbones. He has a kamon of a sun on his kimono.


At some point in his life, Kazuki's mother died, and he believed her to have being poisoned by foreigners, which laid the foundation for his hatred of anyone not Japanese. His family is distantly related to the emperor, which led to the development of another of his pronounced characters traits—arrogance.


  • Kenjutsu Expert - From the start, Kazuki was introduced as an exceptionally skilled swordsman, and he was easily able to beat Jack several times initially. He mastered the Two Heavens as well, although he was forced to ditch the technique after Akiko disabled his right hand during the closing stages of the Battle of Osaka. However, before being disabled in the Battle, Kazuki dueled Jack Fletcher - both of them using recently-learned Two-Heavens techniques - but Kazuki still defeated him quickly. Despite being crippled, Kazuki shows no sign of losing his skill with a single katana - this is shown prominently when he battles Jack Fletcher, who used the Two Heavens to the best of his ability. He was capable of holding his ground for ages against his opponent, in spite of Jack's resourcefulness, intelligence and Ninja training. The duel ultimately led to a stalemate.
  • Taijutsu Expert - Kazuki also was proficient in taijutsu, so much that Sensei Kyuzo favored him during his classes and used him as a training partner for Jack many times.
  • Cunning - Kazuki has proven to be extremely devious, able to carry out his plans in secret without Masamoto and the sensei noticing him. He also was able to lure Jack and Hana into his trap in the Ring of Water.

Weapons and Gear

  • Katana - Kazuki now carries just a katana, for he is no longer able to use the Two Heavens.
  • Hidden Blade - Hidden in a device on his right hand, when he clenches his fist, a steel blade will be shot out. First used against Jack in Water and finally in Sky, where Jack broke it off as Kazuki tried to commit suicide.


  • His name means "Shining One."