Hana is a young orphan girl who debuts in The Ring of Water.


The Ring of Water

She first appears a few chapters into the Ring of Water when Jack and Ronin are in the forest at night making camp, she is watching from the shadows but Jack senses her pressence due to his ninja skills. Ronin captures her and it is discovered she knows what has happened to Jack's black pearl, given to him by Akiko. (Jack cannot remember what has happened to him after being knocked unconscious and waking up in a stable).

Ronin and Jack then get Hana to try and get the black pearl back from the merchant who brought it off her (cheating her in the process by saying the pear was worth very little when they are actually incredibly expensive). Hana fails to retrieve it so the threesome hatch a plan to scare the merchant and his wife in such a way she gives it back. This works and Hana ends up travelling with Jack and Ronin.

Ronin at first acts cold towards her but later warms to the girl and becomes very close towards her. He is devestated when he believes she has drowned but joyous to discover she is in fact alive a little while later.

Hana sets off to Toba with the intention of warning Akiko of the fact Kazuki is alive and planning to track her down for revenge.

The Ring of Fire

In Ring of Fire, Miyuki reveals to Jack that Hana had stumbled upon her clan in the Iga Mountains, and Hanzo was tasked to bring Hana to Akiko soon afterwards. She is currently on her journey to Toba.

Appearance and Personality

Hana is only around eleven and has a dark bob of hair. She is rather grubby having lived on the streets pretty much all her life. She makes her living as a thief, stealing then selling any items she can for food.


Hana has very quick, deft hands and a sharp, agile mind, which makes her a great pickpocket and thief. After falling in with Jack and Ronin both Samurai teach her some self-defence skills such as using a bokken which she puts to use in the fight against Kazuki and his Scorpion Gang towards the end of the Ring of Water.


  • Jack Fletcher - to Hana Jack is a bit like the brother she never had and they both get along well.
  • Ronin - at first their relationship is rocky and they are initially slightly antagonistic towards one another but then they both start the thaw and Ronin becomes a father-like figure to her and vice versa.